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Functional Masterbatch

     Plastic auxiliaries are not easily dispersed and have low efficiency, so they are often treated in the form of masterbatch, which has become one of the most important forms in the application of plastic auxiliaries in the world. Its advantages are as following: convenient use, easy to realize production automation, increasing labor productivity, avoiding environmental pollution, and beneficial to clean and civilized production of workers' health.

     By means of inorganic nano filling technology, the nano-scale fine functional particles are dispersed evenly into the plastic carrier by self-assembly with both color and other ability including weathering resistance, anti-static, flame retardant and so on. During the production of functional masterbatch, the refining process of functional is a key technology, which directly determines the matching and dispersing ability of the masterbatch. Based on more than ten years' experience in the preparation and dispersion of functional nanoparticles, our company has mastered the fine technology on control of nanoparticles' particle size and cladding repair, and the functional masterbatch produced have been already used In the film, sheet, yarn and other application fields, with a high degree of compatibility, stability, without affecting the performance of raw materials, showing excellent ability.

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