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Nano Zinc Oxide Ammonia Removal Masterbatch NH3-PET
Textile is carrier of microbial reproduction and transmission, microbial growth and reproduction based on sweat and human skin metabolites will produce odor, especially ammonia is a substance existed in almost all odors. This product is fiber grade polyester chips, made of nano zinc oxide. The ultrafine treatment makes the specific surface area of zinc oxide increase significantly, thus the adsorption ability of ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene and so on is obviously improved, besides, the photocatalytic degradation of organic matter adsorbed to the surface can be carried out through ultraviolet light absorption, meanwhile the bactericidal activity is also improved. It can be applied to make ammonia removal yarn, fabric and so on.

Good spinning ability, 75D/72F long or short filament, no obstacle;

Remarkable effect of ammonia removal, also antimicrobial and bacteriostatic effect;

Good compatibility, good dispersion performance, no precipitation;

Safe and non-toxic, no pollution to the environment. 

It is used for the development of antibacterial deodorization fiber or fabric, such as underwear, sportswear, socks, footwear lining, home textiles, such as curtains, carpets, etc.

Adding ratio(weight) is suggested 1.5~3%, spinning with common fiber-grade chips. We can provide a variety of plastic base materials, such as PET, PP, PA, PA66 and so on.

Packing: 25 kgs/bag.

Storage: in cool, dry place.