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Public Health Environment

      In places where there is a large flow of people, many kinds of bacteria and pathogens spread quickly, widely and have high probability of cross-transmission. Various types of bacteria gathered easily cross-infection through the air, leading to the spread of diseases. Many high-end gynecological hospitals and children's hospitals in China are constructed in accordance with strict international standards , for example, medical clean walls used for prevention, operating rooms, obstetrics, infant wards (NICU), ICU (intensive care unit), burn wards and dissection rooms, purification laboratories, artificial dialysis rooms, specimen rooms, etc, for purpose of staining and antimicrobial effects. In addition to hospitals where patients are concentrated, public health environment also includes public facilities such as hotels, office buildings, kindergartens, subway stations, railway stations, high-speed railway stations, airports, and toilets, seats, fitness equipment, etc. With more and more attention paid to the safety protection of public health areas, antimicrobial is becoming a basic requirement.

      Huzheng products used in public health environment include anti-bacterial coatings and additives, antibacterial film or masterbatch, anti-bacterial finishing agents for fabrics, etc, which can be in the form of powders, coatings and auxiliaries, slurry, post-finishing agents, films, etc.

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