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Glass Doors and Windows

    In order to enhance lighting and decorative beauty, the proportion of glass in buildings is increasing. The new building area in China exceeds 2 billion square meters every year, so the building glass area is in great demand, two problems rising up: energy conservation and cleanliness. For Some public buildings , door and window area account for more than 20% , and the energy consumption through the doors and windows accounts for about 50% of the whole building. "Energy saving and emission reduction" is one of the key projects in the 13th Five-Year Plan, and has become one of the important contents of the government work report. Secondly, millions of money each year is on the artificial cleaning of glass, the cost is too high.

    Rooted in new functional materials for more than a decade, with the desire to make human life better, through wisdom and innovation, our company has developed glass heat insulation products, hydrophilic self-cleaning products to provide a very good solution for the above two problems. The products received great attention from the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, rated as national key new products and Shanghai key new products many times.


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