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Colourless Hydrophobic Coating CS-101

Huzheng super hydrophobic coating uses hydrophobic principle, the coating acts on the surface of metal, ceramics, stone, plastics, glass substrates, and plays a cleaning role. When water reaches the surface of the coating, it forms round droplets, which likes falling on the lotus leaf, so that the coating surface is not water-stained, and the droplets can take away the surface dirt while sliding, thus playing a self-cleaning role.

The coating is highly transparent and does not affect the original appearance of the object;

Good water repellent effect, the water droplets are round, contact angle being greater than 124 degrees;

Playing a good role in wear resistance, scratch prevention, increase surface brightness.

*Used on building curtain wall, to keep clean for a long time and reduce the cost of manual cleaning;

*Used on front and rear windshield, side windshield and rearview mirror of automobiles to keep good sight;

*Used on the surface of bathtub, toilet, marble, ceramic tile, glass, etc. to realize easy washing and cleaning.

It can be used by many coating processes, such as spraying, dipping, scraping and rubbing, etc. Detailed construction courses can be requested from the relevant personnel of our company.

Packing: 20 liters/barrel.

Storage: in a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure.