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Fiber-grade Functional Masterbatch

   With the concept of functional textiles becoming more and more popular, it has become another important method to obtain functional fabrics by drawing masterbatch. The functional powder can be filled into the plastic slice by a certain method and fused with the plastic polymer to obtain the functional masterbatch,  such as various color masterbatch on the market. Two important criteria for evaluating the wire-drawing function of the masterbatch are: 1) good function of the yarn; 2) good spinning ability. The introduction of functional masterbatch should not lead to a significant increase in the rate of filament breakage.

   By using inorganic superfine filling technology, nano-scale particles can be added to plastic substrates such as PET, PP, PA, PA66, through self-assembly, spinning ability is not affected at all, which can be used for Spinning 75D/72F long and short filament without obstacles, at the same time, good ability is also kept, such as light absorption, heat storage, cooling, far infrared, negative ions, absorption-heat insulation, reflective heat insulation, flame retardant and so on.

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