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Anion Masterbatch LFL-PET

Negative ions can strengthen and activate human physiological activities, increase oxygen content in blood, promote human metabolism, improve human immune ability, and regulate the function equilibrium of body. This masterbatch is prepared by nano-filling technology, and the anion powder is evenly filled into plastic. The negative ion fiber is made by the method of internal adding, and the negative ion fabric can be obtained.

Good spinning ability, 75D/72F long or short filament, no obstacle;

Good compatibility, good dispersion, good thermal stability;

Lasting release of negative ions, as long as fabric life;

Natural anion ore, safe and environment friendly.

It is used for the development of anion fiber or fabric, such as underwear, bedding, mattresses, curtains, carpets and other household fabrics, air conditioning, air purifier filters, etc.

According to product specifications required, check the reference table for dosage of the masterbatch, as which mix with common slice, and produce as original process. We provide a variety of polymer materials, such as PET, PP, PA, PA66 and so on.

Packing: 25 kgs/bag.

Storage: in cool, dry place.