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Fiber-grade Heat Insulation Reflection Masterbatch FR-6P-PET

This product is made of new reflective insulation material, mixed with fiber-grade ordinary polyester chip by inorganic nano self-assembly technology. The infrared heat is reflected directly into the outer space to avoid the infrared heat accumulation on the surface. Under the illumination, the surface temperature of the reflective heat insulation fabric made by drawing wire is obviously lower than that of the common cloth.

Good spinning property, 75 D/72F long or short filament, no obstacle;

The infrared reflectance up to 30%-50%, heat insulation is obvious;

Strong weather resistance, color not fade, no decay of the function;

Safe and non-toxic, no pollution to the environment. 

It is used for the development of reflective heat insulation fibers, such as umbrellas, sunscreens, curtains and summer clothing items such as shirts, underwear, T-shirts, etc.

Adding ratio(weight) is suggested 5%, as which mix with fiber-grade common chips, and produce as the original process. We supply many kinds of polymer materials, such as PET, PP, PA, PA66 and so on, to meet customer's needs.

Packing: 25 kgs/bag;

Storage: in a cool, dry place.