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Hydrophilic Anti-fog Self-cleaning Coating CQR-T20/CQU-T55
Transparent anti-fogging coating uses hydrophilic principle to make water droplets become water curtain flat, prevent the formation of fog droplets, do not affect the perspective of the substrate, and maintain a good visual sense. On the basis of multi-component copolymerization, nano-titanium oxide particles are introduced into the coating. The coating has good anti-fogging and self-cleaning functions, and the hardness and wear resistance of the coating are also significantly improved.

The anti-fogging performance is excellent, and it is difficult to form fog droplets on the surface of wet and hot gas;

With hydrophilic self-cleaning function, surface dirt and dust will be floated up easily;

Excellent adhesion, blister resistance, water boiling resistance, coating does not fall off, bubbles;

Weather resistance is strong, fog resistance is durable and effective, life can reach 3 to 5 years.

*Used on glass surface, such as bathroom mirrors, shower rooms, swimming goggles, winter athletes' eye shields, diving windows, instruments, Automotive Building windows, etc.

*Used for plastic film or plate. For example, PET, PC, acrylic and other plastic surfaces can be coated to produce anti-fog film.

It can be applied by many coating processes, such as spraying, dipping, scraping and rubbing, etc. Detailed construction courses can be requested to technology department of our company.

Packing: 20 liters/barrel.

Storage: in a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure.