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Heat Insulation Anti-infrared Glass Coating

Series of coatings are developed for different requests and different application conditions to prevent infrared radiation from the sun, thus blocking heat transfer, achieve energy-saving effect, greatly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning, and improve comfort.

Various products specification are designed to satisfy the customer according to different working condition;

Easy application, good smoothness, freely coated;

Strong weather resistance, no attenuation, not fade, the life span 10~20 years;

Excellent transparency, visible light transmittance 75%, meeting visual, daylighting requirements;

Excellent thermal insulation, infrared blocking rate 85%-99%, UV blocking 99%;

Good adhesion, zero level (cut cross), high hardness.

The coating is used for building glass energy-saving to improve comfort.

*New building glass heat insulation and UV protection, improve comfort and energy efficiency;

*Glass of automobile, train, aircraft, ship etc, to get heat insulation and UV protection, improve comfort and energy efficiency;

*Other fields with requirements of shielding infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

Coat by spray coating, sponge coating, wipe coating, roll coating and other coating method, detailed construction course can be requested to our relevant personnel.

Packaging: 20 litres/barrel.

Storage: in a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure.