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Fire Retardant Masterbatch
    The product is flame retardant masterbatch, made of non-halogen-free, it can be processed into film, board and other plastic products, and flame retardant grade can be up to UL94-V0. Two types of masterbatch are provided to meet customers’ needs.

Excellent flame-retardant, can reach UL94-V0;

Well dispersion, no frost, no precipitation, no dust pollution;

Environment friendly, low smoke, no toxic DBDO and DBDF during combustion.

It is used for the development of flame-retardant products, we provide a variety of polymer types, such as PET, PE, PC, PMMA, PVC, etc.

*Used for chemical building materials, foam board, plastic pipe, decorative materials, plastic public facilities, etc.

*Used for electrical housing and external decoration materials, panels, skeletons, switches, resistors, wiring posts, etc.

*Used for automobile parts, such as automobile control desk, door plate, automotive electrical parts, oil tanks, etc.

*Used for in other fields where flame retardation is required.

According to product parameters and specifications required, consult the reference table of dosage, mix with common plastic slices, and produce as the original process.

Packing: 25 kgs/bag;

Storage: in a cool, dry place.