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Anti-blue Light Masterbatch U410-PET/U460-PET

This product is an environment friendly anti-blue light masterbatch, which can be used for blue film or board, block short-wave blue light emitted by electronic display screen and LED lamp, that can bring damage to retina. Film or board made by the masterbatch has good transparency, so not affect color display. 410~460nm blocking can be choosen according to customers' needs.

Good transparency, visible light transmittance can reach 90%;

Good blocking effect of blue light, the blocking rate 99%;

Good definition, strong weather resistance, good durability;

Environment friendly, non-toxic and no harmful substances.

It is used for the development of anti-blue film or board products, such as screen protective film of mobile phones, computers, instruments and other screen film, lenses, LED lampshades, lamp lampshades, or other fieldsthat has blue light protection requirements.

According to parameters and product specifications required, check the reference table of dosage of the masterbatch, as which mix with common plastic slices, and produce as the original process. We can supply many kinds of polymer materials, such as PET, PC, PMMA, etc.

Packing: 25 kgs/bag;

Storage: in cool, dry place.