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Transparent Radiation-proof Coating, Say Bye to Radiation
Date:2018-09-18   admin:Huzheng   Hits:737
     With the rapid development and popularization of electronic devices, the possible harm of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, computers, WiFi and so on has attracted people's attention. Relevant studies have shown that electromagnetic radiation can lead to palpitations, head distension, insomnia, endocrine disorders and other hazards.

     Focusing on the complex electromagnetic radiation environment, adopting metal oxide as the effective component, the anti-radiation coating is developed, significantly reducing the electromagnetic radiation emitted during the working period, protecting human health and creating a safe and healthy living environment. The coating is colorless and transparent, and does not affect the appearance of the substrate, with excellent radiation resistance.

     It can be widely used in computer screen, mobile phone film, mobile phone back cover, microwave oven, hair dryer, refrigerator and other home appliances, instruments, children's rooms and other places needing radiation protection, or directly coated on the surface of PET substrate to make radiation proof film.