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New Super Hydrophobic Coating, Contact Angle 150 °
Date:2018-09-18   admin:Huzheng   Hits:904

    During rainy days, the front windshield of the car is still blurred even wiper is in the maximum frequency; when the car passes through a puddle, sludge, oil, and dirty water will be all over the body.

    Huzheng Super hydrophobic coating is made of modified silane nanomaterials with contact angle greater than 150 °. Due to the extremely low tension on the surface of the coating, the contact area between water and dirt and the coating surface is greatly reduced, when water reaches the surface of the object, water droplets fall quickly under the gravity as that on the lotus leaf, meanwhile taking away the surface dirt, playing a cleaning role. Huzheng Super hydrophobic coating solves the problem of poor weathering resistance and short life for traditional hydrophobic coatings. It has the following characteristics: good acid and alkali resistance, long-term resistance to sunlight, temperature change, humidity and heat, and so on. It can be used in front, rear mirrors, glass curtain walls, solar panels, optical lenses and other areas with super-hydrophobic self-cleaning requirements. It can be also coated on PET to make super-hydrophobic films.