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Transparent Anti-static Coating, Anti-static Problem to The End
Date:2018-09-18   admin:Huzheng   Hits:784

    Static is inevitable during industry production and daily life. In electronic technology, static will cause malfunction or wrong operation of electronic equipment, which make electromagnetic interference. On the other hand, electrostatic adsorption of dust will bring pollution to integrated circuits and semiconductor components, so the yield of finished products will be greatly reduced.
    Transparent anti-static coating PTU-078 is one of key coatings in Huzheng, which is specially used for anti-static surface of PVC, PC, PMMA and other substrates. It overcomes problems of the short aging and poor stability for traditional anti-static coatings with life span up to 5 ~ 8 years. Through surface modification of permanent anti-static polymer materials by core-shell process and blending with special modified resin and various function additives, an anti-static coating is obtained, the surface resistance not affected by external temperature, humidity, etc. Stable resistance performance 10 ^ 6-8 Ω cm. Currently it is provided for so many customers at home and abroad.