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Colorless, Transparent and Hard Coating, Farewell to Scratches
Date:2018-09-18   admin:Huzheng   Hits:753
    Due to its excellent transparency, impact resistance, processability and other excellent properties, PC, PMMA and other sheet materials is widely used in building materials, automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances and other fields, such as building protection windows, automotive lampshade, meter dial, open commercial signs, etc. However, the surface hardness of the sheet is poor, easy to appear scratches, affecting its application range.

    The hardening coating 4GU-T 50 is one of the representative products in Huzheng, which is specially used to improve the surface hardness of plastics, nano-silicone material used as the main effective component of the coating, compounded with environment friendly resin and additives. It not only improves the surface hardness of plastics, but also strengthens the physical properties of plastic materials, such as aging resistance, weathering resistance, wear resistance and so on. It is also a kind of environment-friendly coating, no harmful substances to human body, with life span up to 10 years. Used on the surface of PMMA and other substrates, hardness up to 7H, resistance to steel wire pile test more than 1000 times, the coating surface has no scratch, which can meet the requirement of wear-resistant hardness of PC, PMMA and other plastic sheets in practical application. It can be used on the surface of plastic substrate such as PC, PMMA, PP, PVC, ABS, PET and so on.