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Anti-paste Paint, Completely Eliminate Small Advertisments
Date:2018-09-14   admin:Huzheng   Hits:810
    Small advertisements, known as "urban psoriasis," are spreading all over the streets and alleys with utility poles, transformer boxes, garbage bins, bus stops, residential gates, corridors, etc. Small advertisements not only destroy the appearance of the city, but also bring potential danger for the public interest with the false information. From the beginning of posting the first small advertisement, the struggle between the city manager and the small advertisement has never stopped, it is hated by the public deeply.

    The anti-paste coating developed by our company is a kind of environment friendly paint, which is water-based with two-component. The conventional glue cannot be attached to it due to extremely low tension on coating surface. The contact area between the installation glue and the coating surface is greatly reduced, so the small advertisement is difficult to adhere to and the paint contains a variety of anti-aging components, with excellent anti-aging performance outdoors, withstanding sunlight for a long time, even in the conditions of great changes in temperature, humidity, etc. Huzhneng has developed colorless, transparent, white, gray and other anti-paste coatings for billboards, corridor walls, utility poles and other surfaces, to meet different needs of customers.

    It is widely used in electric pole, streetlight pole, signal light pole, distribution box, garbage can, bus station, billboard, overpass, wall and other places that need to be pasted-free.

Project example: Hongkou District, Shanghai——Street Beautification, anti-paste coating on wire pole to welcome "China International Import Expo (China International Import Expo, CIIE)"