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Hydrophilic Film and Coatings, Clear the Whole City
Date:2018-09-11   admin:Huzheng   Hits:770
     On rainy days, the rearview mirror and side gear window are often obscured by raindrops or water mist, so it is difficult for the driver to observe the driving condition of the rear vehicle, which seriously endangers the driving safety. During bathing, bathroom mirrors always"fail" and blur. The annual cleaning cost of glass curtain walls in skyscrapers is as high as millions of yuan, the newly developed hydrophilic products have provided a good solution to the above problems after more than ten years of research on new functional materials.

    The hydrophilic products are made on the basis of multicomponent copolymerization, nano-sized titanium oxide particles introduced and specially coated, with the advantages of good hydrophilic effect and lasting effect. Water is spread out on the coating surface to form a uniform film, on one hand, the diffuse reflection of water droplets can be eliminated, and the anti-fog effect can be achieved; On the other hand, the water completely infiltrates the coating and contaminants in the process of fully spreading, so that the dust and dirt on the surface of the object can float up and slide down with the action of stress and gravity to realize the self-cleaning function. Hydrophilic product series include film, paint, portable wipe liquid, total three forms to choose for customer based on practical application of the scene and equipment technology.

     The hydrophilic film and paint can be widely used in automobile rearview mirror, side screen, glass curtain wall, bathroom mirror, glasses, shower room, solar panel, building decoration material, instrument and other fields that need hydrophilic anti-fog, self-cleaning.