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Anti-Blue Light Coating Additives 2

  This coating additive is composed of inorganic nano material and polymer material. By absorbing ultraviolet(UV)and blue light of 200-460nm, it can blocking the transmission of UV and blue light. At the same time, the visible light of 470- 780nm can pass without affecting lighting.

Good compatibility, strong commonality, easy to disperse in most of the resin;

A small amount addition, UV-blue light blocking rate can reach more than 99%, cost-effective;

Strong weather resistance, good stability, durable function.

It can be used for production & development of anti-blue light coating, or matching with resin to produce anti-blue light film.

Mix with coating or resin systme by the dosage of 0.1-0.5% , then stir evenly, and process as original process.


1. Keep sealed and store in a cool place, make the label clear to avoid misusing.

2. Keep far from the fire, at the place where children can't reach;

3. Ventilate well and prohibit the fire strictly;

4. Wear PPE, such as protective clothing, protective gloves and goggles;

5. Prohibit contacting with the mouth, eyes and skin, in case of any contact, flush with large amount of water immediately, call a doctor if necessary.

Packing:1liter/bottle, 20liter/barrel.

Storage: in cool, dry places, avoiding sun exposure.