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PE Anti-static Masterbatch

       This product is the antistatic masterbatch of PE material, which is obtained by blending and extruding PE particles with special anti-static agent. The resistance of the masterbatch can reach 108Ω • cm, and the plastic products processed by the masterbatch have good anti-static function. Compared with similar products in the market, the masterbatch has the advantages of low resistance value, stable resistance, less addition amount and lower cost, etc.

Product name

PE Antistatic masterbatch




Cream color

Main ingredient

Antistatic agent+PE

Surface resistance

108 Ω

Intrinsic viscosity(IV)

0.52±0.05 dL/g

Melt Index

9±1 g/10min

Melting point




weight of 100 particles

1.60 g

Good antistatic performance, Resistance 107-108 Ω•cm;

Stable resistance, long lasting, no decay;

Less dosage, lower cost;

Good compatibility, good dispersibility.

Used for manufacturing antistatic fiber, antistatic plastic products, etc.

According to the specification requested, as the dosage sugges.ted, mix with the common plastic slices, and produce as the original process.10% dosage can get resistance 10E8Ω.

Packing: 25 kg/bag.

Storage: in a cool, dry place.