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Nano Platinum Powder PTP-P010

The product is nano platinum powder processed by complex physical and chemical process. It is an excellent catalyst and antioxidant, which can effectively remove free radicals to be anti-aging and anti-wrinkle, so it can be used in the biomedicine, beauty & health care, and industry catalysis fields.

Small and even particle size, easily dispersing in materials;

Good catalysis with stable property;

Obvious effect of removing the biological free radicals, the inhibition of superoxide anion reaches 30%;

Safe & environment friendly, non-toxic and no side effect on human body.

It is used in the field of catalysis, beauty care; added into cosmetic beauty products to removing of free radicals, to get anti-aging, anti-wrinkle effect, and keep skin moisture.

Mixing with other material by recommended dosage, and the different application field, the different dosage.

*Cosmetic products, the dosage 3ppm;

*Industrial catalysts, the dosage 20ppm.

Packing: 0.1-1 kg/bag.

Storage: in a cool, dry place.