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Heat Insulation Paint for External Wall and Proof JD-W/JD-M
The coating is mainly used for blocking the heat on the exterior walls and roofs of buildings in hot areas, which can reflect 92% of the solar heat, effectively reduces heat conduction and thus plays the role of energy saving and consumption reduction. There are two types of waterborne JD-W and solvent-based JD-M.

Good heat insulation, heat reflection ratio is 0.84, temperature difference can be more than 10 ℃;

Good elasticity, no crack even in high and low temperature;

Strong corrosion resistance, good resistance for salt water/water;

Long life, coating no change in 5-8 years;

Broad application temperature between -50℃-120℃.

*Used for building walls, roofs, such as civil housing and public buildings, play the role of energy conservation;

*Used for energy saving in industrial facilities, such as grain depot, factory building, warehouse, oil depot, gas tank, pipeline, cold storage, etc.

Application through spraying, brushing, roll coating and other coating technology, detailed construction course can be requested from our relevant person.

Packaging: 20 kgs/barrel.

Storage: in a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure.