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Nano MoO3 Powder MO3-P100

This product is black nano MoO3 powder, made of high purify MoO3 powder by sintering at high temperature& hybridization extraction processes. It is a kind of new nano material that blocks IR and UV rays, with which it can be applied to process heat insulation and Infrared blocking products, especially that with low visible light transmission(VLT).

Particles are small and even, easily dispersing in water or solvents;

Good infrared blocking, especially around 1000nm in infrared region;

Strong weather resistance, good thermal stability, no decay of function;

It is safe, eco-friendly, no toxic and harmful substances.

It is used for development of the heat insulation products with low VLT.

*Dispersed in water or solvents to process heat insulation coating, window film with low VLT;

*Made into master bathes to process heat insulation film or sheet with low VLT.


According to different application request, adding directly, or dispersing the powder into water/solvents or process into master bathes before using.

Packing: 25kgs/bag.

Storage: in a cool, dry place.