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Nano ITO Powder ITO-P100
This product is nano ITO(Indium Tin Oxide) powder, it is a kind of excellent semiconductor material, which has the characteristic of blocking infrared ray, with which heat insulation & energy-saving products can be processed, otherwise it also has excellent conductivity for transparent conductive products.   

Particles are small and even, primary size 20~30nm;

Easily dispersed into water or other solvents;

Excellent absorbing property in infrared ray, especially around 1400nm;

It has excellent conductivity, after being tapped the specific resistance 2~3Ω·cm2;

Strong weather resistance, good thermal stability, no decay of function;

It is safe, eco-friendly, no toxic and harmful substances.

It is used for development of transparent heat insulation/blocking infrared/conductive/anti-static products.

*Used for heat insulation, infrared blocking, such as for glass heat insulation coating or window film;

*Used for conductive/anti-static products, such as transparent conductive/anti-static coating or film.

According to different application request, adding directly, or dispersing the powder into water/solvents or process into master bathes before using.

Packing: 25kgs/bag.

Storage: in a cool, dry place.