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Nano ATO Powder ATO-P100
This product is nano ATO(Antimony Tin Oxide) powder with good semiconductor property, it has the characteristic of blocking infrared rays, in that way, heat insulation products can be made, it also can be dispersed into water or solvents to get dispersion liquid or processed into masterbatch.

Particles are small and even, primary size 6~8nm;

Easily dispersed into water or other solvents;

Obvious absorbing infrared rays, especially around 1400nm;

It has good anti-static property, after being tapped, the specific resistance 3~5Ω·cm2;

Strong weather resistance, good thermal stability, no decay of function;

It is safe, eco-friendly, no toxic and harmful substances.

*Dispersed into water or other solvents to process transparent anti-static coating, infrared blocking coating.

*Processed into plastic chips to produce transparent anti -static film, heat insulation film or sheet.

According to different application requests, add directly, or disperse it into water or other solvents or process into masterbath before using.

Packing: 25 kgs/bag.

Storage: in a cool, dry place.