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Transparent Conductive Coating

Huzheng transparent conductive coating series is self-drying at room temperature or heating curing type, the lowest resistance can be 50 to 60 ohms, surface resistance value is stable, good temperature resistance, humidity resistance and weather resistance, it is a long effect transparent conductive coating.

Surface resistance can be 80~10^8 Ω.cm, it is stable and not affected by humidity and temperature;

Long time effect, good weather resistance, life 5-8 years;

Good transparency, visible light transmittance VLT can reach more than 88%;

Adhesion can reach 0 grade (cut cross), not fall off;

Environment friendly type, almost no smell.

*Used for manufacture all kinds of transparent conductive film and plate, such as electronic display screen, electronic touch screen, conductive electrode and so on

*Used for manufacture of various anti-static film or sheet, such as electronic components packaging materials and so on.

Coated by spray coating, dip coating, scrape coating, roll coating and other coating technology, detailed application course can be requested from relevant person of our company.

Packaging: 20 litres/barrel.

Storage: in a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure.