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Water-based Anti-paste Coating

    Anti-sticking coating is applied on the surface of cement, stone, metal, glass and other substrates, making it difficult for small advertisements to adhere to the surface of objects, preventing advertising, graffiti, and keeping the surface clean. According to various customers needs, product series of colorless transparent, white, pole color multi-properties anti-sticking paint are provided.

Green environmental water-borne paint, VOC free;

The anti-sticking property is good, and it is difficult for general adhesives to adhere to the coating surface.

Weather resistance, not afraid of sunshine, rain, wind, not afraid of hot and cold days, anti-sticking function is durable and effective.

Applicable to cement, stone, metal, glass and other substrates, used in any place of anti-sticking, such as cement poles, metal poles, bus stations, distribution boxes, corridors, guardrails, stations, wharfs, etc.

Application is simple. Brushing, rolling, spraying and other coating methods can be used. Detailed application courses are requested from the relevant personnel of our company.

Packing: 20 kgs/barrel.

Storage: in a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure.